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∴ Jøeke ∴ [userpic]
by ∴ Jøeke ∴ (joeke)
at September 18th, 2006 (04:28 pm)

The first time
I ate dried psilocybe cubensis in Nijmegen, with my ex boyfriend and two of my best friends.
I was the only one who did them. Because i ate them in a sandwich it tasted like a normal sandwich with dry hay or something.
I went to a squat and I sat in a corner for a really long time, laughing my head of.
I didn't see anything diffrent except for the ground which was a little strange.
It was really funny and I loved it.

The second time
I ate fresh psilocybe cubensis in my house with three friends in a sandwich. It was very disgusting.
I didn't laugh that much but i was speechless about all the colours, faces and everything that was moving.
My best friend was like a surprised egg and her boyfriend was a shy banana. Another friend was tripping on my keyboard.
After a while we went to a shop to buy some tobacco and we had really much fun because the package of the tobacco was blue, the money i payed with was blue and the papers i bought were also blue. (and it was no hallucination, just 3 blue things at the same time)

The third time
Again i ate fresh psilocybe cubensis with my ex boyfriend in my house. The diffrence was that my parents were at home.
I laughed myself crazy because my mom came home with fresh roasted cashewnuts and it was really really really funny.
My mother was wondering if we smoked some weed and i said we did because it made a lot of difference.
(My mom doesn't care if i smoke weed but i dont think she had liked it if i told her i was tripping on mushrooms)
It was so funny and my ex boyfriend who has this farmer accent made me laugh so much.
No visuals.

The fourth time
This time i was at my house with my best male friend and we ate fresh psilocybe cubensis raw.
I became a little sick but after a while that was over and it was nice again.
My friend has this really trippy head which other people don't seem to see, but i do.
Except for that no visuals.

The fifth time
This time i ate diffrent mushrooms: stropharia cubensis (thai), outside of my house.
they were really really really nasty. It was raining and i didnt feel so much.
We went home and a friend of mine sat in a corner of my room upon a really huge 'mountain' of my clothes, he was like a king and he was not planning to leave it at all.
we had to do everything for him, like give him an ashtray, get him something to drink, roll tobacco for him and stuff.
it was funny but i was not tripping. it was just normal funny.
After 6 hours we had to have dinner at my house with my parents, but then i started to feel something and it was so funny.
the friend who acted like a king was really naughty to my parents, and my dad was fooling him the whole time. :P

The sixth time
The first time i ate mushrooms when i went out to a bar.
Pure fresh psilocybe cubensis, with the 'king' friend.
They weren't even that nasty as i expected them to be.
I had a huge laugh in the bar, and when another friend arrived we drank some vodka which felt really really good.
I saw my friend and his head was amazingly strange. i asked my other friend (who was sober) if she saw that too, but she didn't.
i told my tripping friend he looked so strange and he said: i was just about to tell you the same thing about your face. And my sober friend didn't see that aswell.
It was like the shrooms were letting us see we were tripping and the other people weren't.

The seventh time
In the morning we went to a smartshop to buy fresh mexicans again, and we went to my best friends house because her mother wasn't there and her house is (even if you're sober) really trippy.
When it started to work it was really strange again. we were hyper active and we talked so much.
My best friend and I were in her room, and it was really beautifull there, the walls were niiiiiiice and she has this lightbulb with pink and green spots which makes stripes on the wall, and they were slightly moving up and down.
We called to upstairs (because she has a phone in her room and one upstairs) to see if my other two friends would like to come down but they said yes we will. And we were like: when? They were like: yeah, in a couple of hours or something.. and we laughed our head off for 30 minutes.
My best friend and me started talking crap to each other for an hour, and she said "aah, duizend nachten!" (which means ah.. a thousend nights...) and i said "nachtuhh" (nighhtss)
and we imagined there was this riot and instead of saying "RIOT" the people all said "NIGHTS" but it sounds better in dutch actually :P.
After our trip was over we made ourselves some pancakes but every one was grumpy and bored and we were having fights about nothing and stuff.

The eighth (?) time -the first bad trip-
Because dried mushrooms are 'hard drugs' the smartshops don't sell them (because it's illegal).
They do sell fresh mushrooms because they're less strong. But when we went to a smartshop the smartshopguy asked us if we wanted dry ones. they were in the basement in a secret place.
So, i took the dried ones. Siza and Sjoerd (my friends) shared one portion fresh mexicans, and there were 3 guys i know and they bought philosopher stones.
We went to my house and ate them there. I used to eat just half a portion but this time i ate a whole one because they were dry and not nasty.
(after going back to the smartshop later i heard it were 2 portions, way too much!!)
We sat in my room and played Super Mario. After a hour everyone started saying "meh it doesnt work and bla bla bla" they all weren't tripping.
I was actually the only one that was tripping like FUCK! I haven't tripped before like that.
When someone throwed something, i saw the whole way it went, and i saw the object 20 times after each other.
I saw lots of patterns on the walls, and when i started walking everything was very smooth without details, like all the details were wiped out.
My friends head was behind mist and his hair had so much silver edges, like 50 edges all around his head.
In the first place i enjoyed my extreme hallucinations, but after a while i saw myself in the mirror and i was HUGE, with lots of strange snake things on my head.
I was red and i tried to put some makeup on but my hands were swollen and it was scary.
I tried to grab a sweater from the ground but the ground was too far away for me.
I went upstairs and i sat there for a while, starting to feel bad.
I was hallucinating for 5 hours and i wanted it to stop because i saw scary things and i wanted it to be all normal again.
After a while my friend came upstairs and he seemed kind of worried. He told me that one of my friends puked in my toilet, but not IN the toilet but over all the walls. He puked red whine.
I tried to get downstairs as quick as possible, everything was shaking and moving and i saw all my friends in my toilet trying to clean it all up.
I screamed i wanted to be alone and everyone went outside and i locked myself up in the toilet. i started to get really hysterical, there was puke everywhere.
red whine in every corner, on every picture and poster, i t was horrible. i thought i wasnt going to be able to clean it all up before my parents were home.
I was extremely tripping, i saw all the puke moving and i put my head in the toilet.
I thought i wasn't going to come out of this trip and stayed in it forever. the moment after that i was sure i was going to die. i was crying and crying.
People came inside (i unlocked the door) and were trying to cheer me up but no one could.
They called the Drugs Info Center but it was in the weekend and they were closed.
Luckily one of the guys has this really nice father who knows a lot about drugs, and they called him and he said i had to drink/eat a lot of sweet stuff (but no chocolate).
So my friends brought me a lot of lemonade (the only thing sweet in my house)and they thought it would be good if i sat in the garden.
But i walked outside and it was horrible outside. grey, scary, really uncomfortable. They brought me to my room and all the walls were moving and i went crazy.
When i sat down very still, it was a bit better. My friends thought it was good to talk a lot to me, but they all said bullshit things like "Yes Joeke, Harry went to the bakery and bought a bread!" and stuff like that. It made me crazy.
After an hour and a half it was a little better, and we watched Nightmare Before Christmas.
It was horrible and i hope i'm not going to have a bad trip EVER again.


Posted by: shitout_ofluck (shitout_ofluck)
Posted at: October 12th, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC)

I would love to have a trip like that. I don't ever bug out when I trip anything crazy looking I think is fucking awesome. I really want mush that would make me see snakes crawling on me and shiit. that would be fucking awesome..I can't believe you remember all the times you ate shrooms. I can't even remember how many times I've eating shrooms... all I know is that I've eaten them a whole shit load of times

Posted by: ∴ Jøeke ∴ (joeke)
Posted at: October 20th, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC)

Well actually I wrote my trip down when I finished tripping every time, so I have this diary with all my trips in it and it's nice to read it all over because then I remember the good stuff :).
And the hallucinating things were extremely beautiful and I'd love to have a trip like that again, but it was the first time i was tripping só hard so I was kind of scared about the whole thing which is normal I think.

And er, is this post readable? i'm dutch and I'm about to pass my exams so I'm practising to write english (which is great to do in a community like this) but I was wondering if it's really bad written :)

Posted by: Kendra Marie (kendramariex)
Posted at: July 21st, 2009 08:12 am (UTC)

i only tripped once .
watched a movie, it was a good trip & i want to trip again, but its really hard to find in Oregon .

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